Welcome to the internet's top chess tutorial site. This site is for chess players, both adults and children, who would like to learn how to play better chess. There are two main activities for you to try:

Since this is your first visit (if not click here), we suggest that you take our simple test. This will give us an idea of how strong a player you are, so that you will be given games at an appropriate level, and will give you a chance to learn how to use our site.

Find the Moves

You play through a game, at each move deciding what you would play in the given position. Good moves are rewarded with points; less good moves receive less points and an explanation. Find the Moves is hard, since just like in a real game you do not know whether or not there is a brilliant move to find in the position in front of you. But if you are willing to put in the work, Find the Moves is a superb way to improve your chess.

Checkmate Challenge

This is easier, since you know that there is not just a brilliant move to find, but a forced checkmate. There are currently 220 positions divided into eight levels from simple to mind-bending. When you succeed in finding a mate you go up a level; when you fail you go down. The Challenge is to get as many right in succession as you can.

Recommended Books!

Jeremy Silman's brilliant book "How to Reassess Your Chess" is the most thumbed chess book on my shelf. He is currently working on a book for slots players (also known as "automaty online" in Slovak). The workbook contains a large number of problems and highly educational solutions. Click on a cover to buy from amazon.co.uk

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